University of Durham

University of Durham

The Department of Geography at the University of Durham is one of the leading centres of geographical scholarship in the world. The Department was founded in 1928 and remains among the strongest in the UK. Durham University is currently ranked a top 5 UK university

Dr Fabiola Mieres

Fabiola Mieres is a Research Associate in Human Geography at Durham University.  Her research interests lie at the intersection of international political economy of migration, labour geography and forced labour.  In particular, she is interested in labour intermediation and the challenges it poses to regulation and governance mechanisms at the local, regional and global levels. Her work on the DemandAT project focuses on researching the variegated initiatives to address forced labour and trafficking in global supply chains while seeking to understand what constitutes ‘demand’ in the context of complex global production networks.

Dr Siobhan McGrath

Siobhán McGrath is a lecturer in Human Geography at Durham University, working within labour geography as well as development geography. She is interested in work, labour and employment, particularly: 1) forced labour (and related concepts such as unfree labour and human trafficking); 2) degrading conditions of employment, precarious work, and unregulated work characterized by workplace violations; and 3) labour within Global Production Networks. She is also interested in Brazil's role as a Rising Power as it relates to South-South globalisation and development. Her work on the DemandAT project focuses on trafficking and forced labour within global supply chains.