Mary Robinson and John Ruggie call on FIFA to Ensure Human Rights become Fully Integrated into the Football Governing Body’s Decision-Making

JUNE 12, 2014

Picture of the Frauenheld Campaign, Bremen

New Campaign Encouraging Clients to Report Forced Prostitution

This month the German city of Bremen launches a campaign against trafficking in human beings and for fair and respectful dealings in sexual services. The aim is to encourage clients to report signs of forced prostitution anonymously, as well as sensitizing the general public by raising awareness of the issue. Campaigners are distributing information on beer mats, condoms, postcards and matchboxes, particularly in pubs.

Report on the Feasibility Study on the Labour Market Trajectories of Regularised Immigrants in EU.

Recently completed report on the Feasibility Study on the Labour Market Trajectories of Regularised Immigrants within the European Union (REGANE I).

The report presents the results of a study carried out by ICMPD on the impact regularisation has had on employment opportunities for migrants who were in an irregular situation in seven European Union countries.

MPI Launches Research Project Examining the Labor Market Trajectories and Integration of New Immigrants in Europe, Thursday 13 March 2014

WASHINGTON — The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) today launched the first in a series of case studies evaluating the labor market trajectories of new immigrants in Europe and their ability to ascend into middle-skilled jobs, examining the incorporation of foreign-born workers in the Czech Republic.

ICMPD policy brief addresses current data presentation policies on trafficking in human beings (THB).

The policy brief examines current practises in presenting data on THB and provides insight on how these practises influence policymakers. It also offers recommendations for a better data presentation policy that uses a comparative approach.

For more information on the policy brief, please click here.