August 2016

Dr Sarah Kyambi

University of Edinburgh

This summer sees the increasingly predictable round of statistics on trafficking and exploitation and the critique of those statistics.  The US Department of States’ Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) for 2016 was published in June and the Global Slavery Index (GSI) figures were released this month.

That was the message from Gabriele Bischoff, President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) workers' group.

Her message was time to coincide with the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on Saturday.

She said, "Human trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery which we cannot tolerate or ignore. It's time for action to deliver on our promises and for action to implement the strategy for the eradication of trafficking in human beings. 

1 July 2016

Anti-Trafficking Review: Call for papers 'The Lessons of History'

Guest Editor: Julia O'Connell Davidson

Deadline for Submission: 8 January 2017


23 May 2016

Should Prostitution be a Crime? asks a recent New York Times article

Emily Bazelon's article in the New York Times this month provides the lay reader with a well-informed tour of the conundrums facing policy-makers and feminists regarding the selling of sex.

6 May 2016

 A handbook for policy makers, law enforcement agencies and civil society organisations, is now available in e-format as well as in hard copy  The publication is a culmination of a 24 month  TRACE project funded by the European Commission.  The project focused on: