New Book: THB in Domestic Work

New Book: THB in Domestic Work

30 September 2015

The University of Nicosia and the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) are pleased to make available the book  entitled I Thought I was Applying as a Care Giver”: Trafficking in Women for Labour Exploitation in Domestic Work. This publication is the result of the transnational project “Combating Trafficking in Women for Labor Exploitation in Domestic Work, STOP Traffic for Domestic Work”, coordinated by the University of Nicosia and funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime (ISEC) Programme of the European Union.

The book incorporates the research results conducted by all partner organizations as well as policy recommendations and strategies on national and EU level on combating trafficking in women for labour exploitation in domestic work.

Download the full text version of the book here.

Also within the framework of the STOP TRAFFIC project, country information leaflets were published that include the main research findings in each partner country as well as country specific policy recommendations.


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